• 自国を尊重しながらも各国の文化も理解し、世界中の人々と協調性をも持って生きていける子を育てる

  • 英語のシャワーを沢山浴びると同様に、先生たちも子ども達に愛情のシャワーを沢山注ぎ、自分やその周り全てが尊いものであると認識する。

  • 他者の気持ちを思いやり、自分の気持ちを伝える事の出来るコミニュケーション能力を育てる

  • 英語のコミュニケーションスキルを持ち、国際的に活躍できる人材を育てる

  • 夢に向かって楽しい事、生きる喜びを感じる子を育てる

Boys and girls are the same


At Little Starfish we believe in gender equality. We are all the same and can do the same things, it doesn't matter if we are a girl or a boy, we are all amazing and can achieve anything if we really want to.





Environmentally and globally aware


We all understand how important it is to take care of our precious environment,that's why we believe in giving Mother Nature a hand. Children benefit from learning how to recycle and do the right thing for the environment. As much as we can we will try to use recyclables when we make things for art/craft.
People from the many countries of the world have different customs and traditions. It's a wonderful thing to learn about these things that make the world we live in such an amazing and interesting place. We'd like your children to be globally aware so they can live in harmony with our international neighbors.








Manners are important


When I was a little boy my parents taught me the priceless value of manners.Simple things like saying "please" and "thank you" make a big difference to the way others interact with us. We all want to be treated with respect and politeness, and so do others. We be focusing on instilling into the children the
importance of manners, politeness and respect for others. These simple values will immensely help the children to gain the respect of others and get ahead in life.





私がまだ幼かった頃、両親は、マナーの重要性を教えてくえました。”Please(お願いします)”、”Thank you(ありがとう)”と、簡単なことを言う事が、自分を取り巻く人々との接し方に大きな違いをもたらします。

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